Exploring E Cigarette Testimonials

E Cigarette Reviews – What Do They Say?

E Cigarettes have been around for quite a few years now in one form or another. We are fortunate that this time has coincided with the ever expanding reach of the internet. The internet is fantastic for spreading information about new products.

A lot of that information is in the form of reviews uploaded to the internet by users of the product in question. In the case of this article we are considering e cigarettes. Back in the olden days you would have to meet someone face to face who had actually used the product you were interested in. As you can imagine, this wasn’t very likely. These days you can read thousands of reviews, literally at the touch of a button.

The sheer number of V2 Cigs reviews also means that a consensus view begins to emerge. That thought is just as applicable to electronic cigarettes as anything else. The main features appear to be the four below.

Firstly there is obviously the health benefit

The electronic cigarette delivers a carefully controlled dose of nicotine but does it without also delivering those additional chemicals or additives that appear in traditional cigarettes. This obviously dramatically reduces the chances of the user being exposed to the risk factors involved in the worst of the diseases associated with smoking.

Secondly is the cost of smoking

Although the initial costs of buying the necessary e cigarette kit is obviously higher, the on-going use of them only requires the purchase of separate cartridges. This reduces the costs of continuing to significantly below that of buying traditional cigarettes. Some reviewers talk of going on vacation with the amount of money they save over a year.

Thirdly there is the sheer convenience of using an e cigarette

cigarette butts in an ashtray

Gone are the fumbling around for a match or a lighter; the horrific realization that you haven’t got one and its late at night and all the stores are shut! How many of us have found ourselves bent over the stove, burning our face as we press the tip of our cigarette onto the scorching electric ring?

There is usually a mention at this point of not having to empty those overflowing ashtrays or those mugs of coffee that have got some stray cigarette butt floating in the bottom. Not only is no one going to miss that, there is also the fact that there won’t be any glowing embers that might burn the house down!

The fourth feature that is usually mentioned in e cigarette reviews is that of the lack of smell

A lot of smokers don’t realize, particularly if they live in an all smoking household exactly how much smoking smells. It used to be that you would have had to have given up smoking and become a non-smoker before you found out about this particular fact.

Nowadays people who switch to e cigarettes are also surprised by exactly how much traditional cigarettes make you and your home smell of smoke.

Not to mention how much sweeter your breath smells. Good for kissing!

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