A Better Alternative To Smoking

You read it correctly, there is now a completely safe alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes.

Introducing the Vaporizer:

  • Toxin-free, no tobacco, no ashes, no tar, no smell!
  • Smoke ANYWHERE, even where smoking is banned!
  • Tastes, looks, and feels like a traditional cigarette!
  • 80% cheaper than traditional cigarettes, save your money!

Are you sick of having a smokers cough, or knowing that when you smoke cigarettes, it could very well be shortening your life span?

That’s where vaporizers come in! Vaporizers are better alternative to smoking tobacco. It has none of the regular toxins or tar found in regular cigarettes, costs less, and doesn’t put out any toxic fumes doing damage to the environment. Its pretty much a no-brainer, right?



How does the Vaporizer work exactly?

There are four parts to an electronic Cigarette vaporizer – combined together, they allow us to inhale water vapor, and enjoy the same effects as a regular cigarette, without the tobacco, smoke, or combustion.

Let us explain each component of the Vaporizers, and how they work together to create a better alternative to smoking.

Read carefully to understand how the Electronic Smoke works.

The LED light – When the Vaporized Smoke is being “puffed” or “sucked” on, the LED light at the front lights up, just as an ember on a cigarette would. This lets you know that the process is working, and creates the same effect that a regular cigarette would.

The Battery – The Electronic Smoke houses a rechargeable lithium-ion. The battery serves to power the heating element (or atomizer). Because the battery is in constant use, it takes up the most space inside of the Vaporizer.

The Heating Element – The heating element (or atomizer) in the Electronic Smoke is a significant part of the vaporizing process, it is the component that turns the liquid nicotine inside the cartridge, into water vapor, allowing you to inhale it.

The Cartridge – The replaceable cartridge, which doubles as a mouth piece, is where the liquid nicotine is stored. These are replaceable, and very inexpensive. Each Electronic Smoke cartridge is equivalent to about 9 cigarettes.



The beauty behind it all..

We want to create a better world for ourselves, and everyone around us. We hope this is everyones belief. Smoking is something that is irreplaceable, we as humans, will always do it. But if we can replace the smoke with non-toxic water vapor, that would be very beneficial.

Every 10 smokers that switch over to Vaporizers,  will have the same effect as 1 less car driven, monthly.

As humans, we should be working together to create a sustainable world for thousands of years to come, will you do your part?

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